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AROMA (AGU Robotic Optical Monitor for Astrophysical object)

AROMA is a robotic telescope system targeting transient astrophysical objects such as gamma-ray bursts, jet sources, black holes and supernovae.  Currently, AROMA consists of two systems.  The AROMA Narrow (AROMA-N) is composed of 12 inch OTA and CCD camera with optical filters.  The AROMA Wide-field (AROMA-W) uses twelve digital cameras to cover wide field of view.


AROMA-N is composed of commercially available 12-inch OTA (MEADE LX200), CCD camera (Apogee U47) and color filters (Johnson UBVRI).  The field of view is 12 arcmin.  Typical sensitivity is 16-17 mag.  The telescope is located at the roof top of the building L at the AGU Sagamihara campus.

The major upgrade on the telescope system has been performed on 2012.  We introduce the dome controller (Nisshin dome) to be able to synchronize the telescope mount and the dome movement.  The cloud  sensor (Lunatico Astronomia) is installed.  Furthermore, the observatory control software, ACP (DC3 dream), is used to control all the hardwares including the dome.  AROMA-N is connected to the GCN VOEvent server to response automatically to newly discovered transients.